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Patience is a virtue

June has arrived, which is the exciting month that we become alpaca owners. From the moment we chose to start our own herd, I knew that I wanted to breed from them. Having had a little experience with lambing, I knew the wonder of seeing new life born into the world. The highs, the lows,… Continue reading Patience is a virtue

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Learning the Ropes

With any new experience, hobby or job, there's always a learning curve to overcome, some of course are much steeper than others! Becoming a parent for the first time was certainly the steepest learning curve I've ever experienced. I still remember the bewilderment of leaving the hospital with our tiny wrinkly newborn in her huge… Continue reading Learning the Ropes

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“Mighty Oaks From Little Acorns Grow”

From an early age, I've held a love affair for the countryside and the animals in it.  At the age of four, I was trotting around on tiny ponies, by age eight I was certain that I would become a vet one day (I watched Animal Hospital, Vet School and Vets In Practice religiously.) By the time I got… Continue reading “Mighty Oaks From Little Acorns Grow”