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Fibre of the Gods

The long balmy days of summer seem a distant memory as I write this on a rainy and grey Sunday in late September. The alpaca's fleece is growing quickly now, with a good couple of inches of growth, preparing them for the winter ahead. By the time we come round to shearing them in May/June,… Continue reading Fibre of the Gods

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Fields of Gold

I always find myself humming to the tune of Sting's hauntingly romantic song in the summer. Walking through the fields of gold, watching the dust swirl around the combine. It doesn't necessarily need to be a barley field I'm walking through; wheat will do just fine, and is equally gold in colour at harvest time.… Continue reading Fields of Gold

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Busy Times

It's been several weeks since I last wrote on my blog; things have been busy! The perfectly dry weather in June meant that hay work on our farm was completed in record time. Unfortunately, due to a widespread drought in the UK, we will have to start feeding the alpacas the hay straight away because… Continue reading Busy Times

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Patience is a virtue

June has arrived, which is the exciting month that we become alpaca owners. From the moment we chose to start our own herd, I knew that I wanted to breed from them. Having had a little experience with lambing, I knew the wonder of seeing new life born into the world. The highs, the lows,… Continue reading Patience is a virtue

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Learning the Ropes

With any new experience, hobby or job, there's always a learning curve to overcome, some of course are much steeper than others! Becoming a parent for the first time was certainly the steepest learning curve I've ever experienced. I still remember the bewilderment of leaving the hospital with our tiny wrinkly newborn in her huge… Continue reading Learning the Ropes