Meet the Herd

We have 20 beautiful alpacas here on the farm, and each one has a very different personality and story to tell! Read on to find out a bit more about our herd and who you may meet if you come on an experience…

The Girls of Queenholme

Woodbine Ixia

Ixia is a solid light brown female Huacaya who turned four years old on the 6th September. Ixia gave birth to her first cria in May 2019; a gorgeous male whom we named Comet. Ixia is the laid back one in the group and will happily follow the others. She is rather partial to a treat of apples and carrots!

Woodbine Inferno

Inferno is a solid black female Huacaya alpaca who was four years old on the 26th August. Inferno gave birth to her first cria on St George’s Day 2019; a beautiful solid black girl whom we named Eclipse. Inferno proved to be a fantastic mother, and both she and Eclipse have remained together post weaning.

Woodbine Iowa

Iowa is a beautiful solid medium brown female Huacaya and she will be five years old on the 26th May. Iowa is our beauty queen and has a beautiful confirmation. She can win anyone over with her big doe eyes and long lashes. She came 4th in the Junior class of the 2017 National Alpaca Show. Iowa gave birth to a stunning (and very cheeky!) male cria on the 9th June 2019, and we named him Apollo! Iowa was re-mated in July 2019 to Rose Grey Best of British Champion, Churchfield Bedrock, AKA Rocky. She gave birth to a female cria on 26th June 2020, and we named her Queenholme Pandora.

Woodbine Libby

Libby is a solid light fawn Huacaya who turned four years old on the 22nd September. She has a fine, and incredibly dense fleece. Libby is a real foodie and is the first one in for breakfast each morning! She unfortunately lost her first cria during a traumatic birth, but proved to be an attentive aunty to the other babies. She gave birth to her first cria in July 2021, a boy, whom we named Zeus.

High Lea Kiki

Kiki is a petite solid mid-brown Huacaya who turned six years old on the 30th July.
Kiki is incredibly intelligent and easy going, and this reputation has secured her place as head of the herd. Kiki’s sire is champion Melford Green Golden Promise and her maternal grandfather was Bozedown Rossignol, a champion rose-grey. Her first cria was born in July 2018, whom we had the honour of naming, Queenholme Hiro. Kiki gave birth to her second cria at the end of July 2019, a beautiful light fawn male whom we have named Orion.

Queenholme Eclipse

Eclipse was our first cria to be born on our farm, and a first baby for Inferno. Eclipse was born on St George’s Day 2019 in a very straightforward birth. Her sire is Woodbine Digby, a solid black, with bloodlines from the elite Canchones herd in Australia, and the champion, award winning Bozedown herd in the UK. We are very excited to start using Eclipse in our breeding programme!

Queenholme Pandora

Pandora arrived amidst the middle of a heatwave on the 26th June 2020! She is the second cria born of Woodbine Iowa and our only cria to arrive in 2020. Pandora’s sire is Rose-Grey Best of British Champion, Churchfield Bedrock. With a smorgasbord of high quality genetics on both her maternal and paternal side, Pandora will be one to watch!

The Boys of Queenholme

Queenholme Hiro

Hiro is our little pocket rocket silver grey, sired by the champion Essex Stirling of Hillybridge, and his dam High Lea Kiki who has bloodlines from Bozedown. Hiro is a compact male with a lovely nature and produces the most beautiful grey yarn! Hiro will be turning three years old in July 2021.

Woodbine Kipling

Kipling is a light fawn male huacaya who was born in July 2018. He has a wonderful confirmation and a divine fleece that is fine and dense with an incredible crimp! Kipling is one of our shiest alpacas and takes a little while to get used to meeting new people,
so he enjoys coming on treks with smaller groups.

Woodbine Kingston

Kingston is a solid dark brown male huacaya who turned three years old on the 29th May 2021. Kingston is a lovely natured boy, but can be a little nervous on a lead rein, so he isn’t part of the trekking team. He is incredibly inquisitive though and will be the first one to come over to investigate new visitors!

Queenholme Comet

Comet was the first cria born to Ixia, and turned two years old on the 26th May 2021.
He is a lovely natured boy and very gentle, and joined the trekking team in 2021.
He is rather partial to a carrot stick!

Queenholme Apollo

Apollo was the first cria born to Iowa and he arrived at the start of June 2019. He is incredibly cheeky and enjoys nothing more than chasing around with the other boys and play fighting with Orion and Comet! He has a beautifully fine and dense fleece, and was awarded 5th place in the Huacaya Brown 6-12 month category at the Eastern Alpaca Fleece Show 2020. Apollo is a key part of the trekking team and is happiest walking alongside his best friend, Orion.

Moat Farm Galen

Galen is a stunning and well grown three year old with a incredibly soft fleece. Galen took home third prize in the 2019 Eastern Fleece Show, Fawn 6-12 month old category. He has wonderfully gentle nature and enjoys trekking with the other boys. Galen is a great asset to the herd and we have also started using him as a stud on a few of our own females!
He sired his first cria, Zeus in July 2021.

Queenholme Orion

Orion was our final cria to arrive in 2019, and is the second cria born of Kiki. Orion is a stunning light fawn and is already showing great potential in his fleece. He was awarded 5th Place in the Huacaya Light fleece 6-12 month category at the Eastern Alpaca Fleece Show 2020. Orion is incredibly sweet natured, very gentle and just a little bit cheeky! He loves trekking with the public and is a very popular member of the team!

Moat Farm Garnet

Garnet is a sweet natured three year old male who enjoys treats of apple and carrot! He walks very well out on treks and he particularly enjoys a good hose down with the sprinkler on hot days! Garnet is very happy at the back of the trekking line due to his very laid back nature.

Moat Farm George Eric

George is a brilliant character and we just adore his handsome face! He is the leader when it comes to trekking, and the other boys are more than happy to follow him. Back in the paddock, George chooses not to participate in anything that will get him dirty or wet, preferring to keep his lovely fleece in pristine condition! George is also not a fan of trying new foods, although we keep trying to offer him some carrot as a treat!

Froyz Ottis

Ottis is a stunning two year old solid black alpaca, with a beautiful dense fleece. Ottis arrived at Queenholme in October 2020 and has settled in incredibly well with the other boys. Ottis hadn’t been halter trained, so he is currently enjoying trekking training with the more experienced boys. We hope that Ottis can join in the team later on in 2021!

Chinchero Apache

Apache is a compact and incredibly friendly male alpaca with an amazingly fine and dense fleece. Apache joins us from the Chinchero herd in Essex, alongside his friend Digby, and
it is hoped that both boys will join the trekking team later in 2021!

Chinchero Digby

Digby is Apache’s best friend and joined us from Chinchero Alpaca herd in May 2021.
Digby and Apache will take part in halter training with the hope that they
will join the trekking team later in the year!

Queenholme Zeus

Queenholme Zeus arrived in July 2021, and was the first cria born to Libby,
and was sired by our own male, Galen. Zeus is already proving to be inquisitive
and gentle natured and we look forward to seeing how he develops!