Inclement Weather Policy

In an ideal world, our experiences would take place in absolutely perfect weather conditions, but since this is the UK, we have to expect that things won’t always go to plan, and that we may all end up getting a little soggy!

We closely monitor the weather conditions prior to all of our experiences with the public, and will contact you via text message on the morning of your visit if the weather conditions look to be too unfavourable (for both human and animal participants!)

We will cancel/postpone your visit if temperatures rise to 25 degrees or more, or we may suggest an earlier start time.

We will cancel/postpone your visit if there is torrential rain, strong winds, snow, ice or thunderstorms. We will continue in light rain showers. We may decide to change our run through so that we do the trek first, followed by the talk, so that we can avoid getting caught in any rain forecast!

When we went on an alpaca trek in the North of England – and it rained throughout!

Please dress according to the weather conditions on the day of your visit. We are a working farm, so if it has been raining, please expect there to be puddles and some mud. Please do not wear open toed sandals or flip flops, as even if it is really dry, there could be stinging nettles and other things that may hurt uncovered feet. Our trekking route is also multi terrain, so please wear suitable footwear with this in mind.