Animal Welfare Policy

Our alpaca’s welfare is of the utmost importance to us.

We hold a 5 star Animal Exhibition Licence granted to us by South Cambridgeshire District Council, for our higher animal welfare standards. Our licence is valid until August 2023.

We adhere to the Five Freedoms as set out by the Farm Animal Welfare Council, which ensures that we meet both the physical and mental requirements of the precious animals in our care.

The Five Freedoms – copyright Queenholme Alpacas 2020

We are members of The British Alpaca Society (BAS), and all of our animals are registered within their pedigree register. The BAS work alongside alpaca owners and breeders, providing valuable support, information and education.

Our alpacas are not ‘performing” every day, and we have a strict schedule to ensure that they do not ‘trek’ on consecutive days. If you are unable to book the date you wish, this could be that we have scheduled in some time off for them.

We adhere to the British Alpaca Society Trekking Code of Conduct; meeting the following points:
1) General Good Practice
* To abide by the appropriate Health & Safety legislation in consultation with the applicable Local Authority, including Food Hygiene.
* Consider biosecurity measures relevant to the area and business.
* To secure adequate public liability insurance and any other insurance applicable to the business.
* Consult with local authority regarding any appropriate welfare licence.

2) Route Good Practice
* To seek relevant permissions if trekking off your own land.
* Plan and risk assess accordingly in relation to your environment.
* Respect the environment and others who use it.
* Abide by the Countryside Code.

3) Public/Client/Alpaca Health & Safety Good Practice
* Demonstrate a duty of care towards: your clients, the public, your animals.

4) Llama & Alpaca Welfare
* Maintain a responsible and effective welfare structure towards all of the animals within the business.
* To put the welfare of the animals above income.
* To demonstrate good practice throughout all aspects of care, both on the premises and when out trekking.

All of our alpacas are kept up to date with their vaccinations and husbandry, with records kept of any medications that have been administered. Isle Veterinary Group provide all of our professional healthcare requirements.