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It has been a while since I last wrote, but since I have two out of three children at home with illnesses (perfectly timed as always – a week before Christmas!) I thought I’d use the time to write an update.

It’s been a bit of a hectic time here, with life seeming to race by in a bit of a blur. But such is life on a farm with a young family!

Despite our very good intentions to grow our herd organically, we succumbed to temptation in October. We stumbled across a gorgeous rose-grey cria and his pregnant dam, and within a week they had arrived on our pastures!

Hiro, taken when he was 12 days old

The wonderful and knowledgable Jo from Hillyridge Alpacas had been out to see them and spoke highly of their genetics. As breeders, we know that we always have to look at how we can improve our herd, so this seemed too good an opportunity to miss.

Highlea Kiki and her cria, Hiro settling into Queenholme

With the new arrivals settling in, we then had to consider the time when it came to wean Hiro from Kiki. He needed some male playmates! We went back to Pauline and David at Woodbine Farm Alpacas and chose two of their boys who would be weanlings at the end of 2018, and would be ready to come join us early in the New Year. Woodbine Kingston and Woodbine Kipling will hopefully start off our new walking team, which feels very exciting!

Woodbine Kingston
Woodbine Kipling

2019 feels like a big year; our two new boys arriving in January, our first experiences of alpaca birthing throughout the spring, and the start of a new learning journey in the form of two courses. I’ll be aiming to complete the CEVAS (Countryside Educational Visits Accreditation Scheme) and also the Animal Assisted Therapy Diploma, with the aim of offering ‘Care Farming’ to children with additional needs, such as Aspergers and Autism.

We will certainly be enjoying a quiet and peaceful Christmas at the farm this year. Then we’ll be all set for our very busy 2019!

Katy with Inferno – ready for toe nail clipping!

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